Monday, September 08, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mary!

Dylan is so cute. He remembered this morning that today we celebrate the birthday of our Blessed Mother and so insisted that all lessons revolve around Mary. So far, we've read stories, colored pictures, and done some fun activity pages. A white birthday cake is cooling on the kitchen counter and I can only hope that it will last until after dinner tonight. And, since I've already confessed my compulsion to coordinate clothing, I'm including this photograph we took this morning. (See? Blue and white, like Mary!) The lighting was horrible, but ultimately, I sort of liked the ethereal quality of this shot. Darren will totally be shaking his head when he sees this at work. :)


Jamie said...

You all look beautiful!!!
I love the blue theme!
We have a Mary's Little Crowns meeting for my 2 middle girls, we'll have to wear blue!

in an effort to lose weight, we did no cake, we did blueberry muffins! (I had only one!)

Shannon said...

you are just so so beautiful, Melissa!! A mom of four? I think not! You're looking wonderful.
And your children are just beautiful... look how big Kristen has gotten!
Love the white and blue :)

Jen said...

Just beautiful! I cannot BELIVE how big Kristen is now! Mama is doing so well in nursing now, huh? Thanks be to God. :-) You have such a beautiful family.

Jill said...

I love how Caitlyn has her hands folded. Each one looks precious. What a beautiful day of homeschooling.