Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Darren has taken this entire week off from work, in the hopes that we may actually accomplish a majority of the herculean tasks topping our mighty to-do list. And yet, given all that we have to do, he still gladly makes time to participate in the children's school day, joining us for circle time, praising their efforts, and supervising their studies for me while I indulge in such luxuries as unhurried showers! How my heart rejoiced at the sight that met my eyes as I emerged from the bedroom this morning:

Lessons were smoothly moving along in full swing, and he had even brought in a thematic jar of leaves and caterpillars from our garden as a center piece for our learning table! And yesterday, if it bothered him at all that I was inside cutting out hearts and swords for Our Lady of Sorrows, instead of helping him clean out the storage shed, he uttered not a word.

Nor did he complain when, while he was busy excavating the garage, I, too, was busy...snapping photographs of the gardens during the children's "recess".

How blessed I am to be married to such an incredible man.


Anonymous said...

Yep, Melissa. You got a phenomenal one. You are blessed and so is Darren. God bless you both.


Jen said...

Blessed indeed! That first photo of them at the table is a keeper. You'll have to get that one framed.

Therese said...

What beautiful photographs! I love the first one! I, too, consider myself blessed to have such a wonderful husband! God bless your family!

Jamie said...

You are blessed!!
And so is he.

I love that heart craft for Our Lady of Sorrows, we will do that one next year for sure!!