Thursday, September 11, 2008

I love my husband.

Like love notes scattered about the house, my Darren has left me little stacks of clean, folded laundry to be put away—children's shorts and jammies on the living room couch, panties here, underwear there—because long after the rest of us had gone to bed last night, he was up late washing clothes and didn't want to wake anyone by relocating them to their proper places once they were finished. Isn't he the best? :)


Melissa said...

Isn't that just a wonderful love note! I like that way of explaining it. "A love note." My husband does the same for me, with laundry and dishes. I tell him I'll get it done, it just might take longer than he'd like. But he does it anyways. And every once in a while I get the paper note, which always cheers me up. I save them all.

I am happy for you that you share the same joys!

God Bless!

Sherri said...

So sweet!!!