Monday, September 22, 2008

A Super Wilson Party!

For many weeks, I was obsessed with planning the perfect theme for Dylan's seventh birthday party. In years past, we had celebrated with farm animals, Pooh bear, Superman, Spiderman, and, for his second birthday, just a big boring two. (That was the year, in my defense, that I was due any day to give birth to Cait. And I use the words "any day" very loosely here to excuse my laziness, because she wasn't actually born for another three and a half weeks, exactly on her due date.) But this year, I wanted something uniquely Dylan, and I can't believe I didn't think of it sooner: Super Wilson! Although I was (and still am) quite saddened by the prospect of my baby boy turning seven years old (sob!), I grew increasingly excited about surprising him with an entire party based on his own original creation! was my shopping headquarters this year and boy, was I giddy. Not only had I finally joined the ranks of on-line shoppers, I was thrilled with the wide selection of creative photo gifts they have to offer! It was so hard to decide, but I am so pleased with the choices Darren and I eventually made: two sheets of stickers, a puzzle (with it's own matching tin), and a personalized notebook. (As a side note, Dylan first became interested in acquiring his own diary several months ago, due to the number of historical accounts we've been reading, and I thought it was such a great idea for him to keep one.) The images I used were among my favorites that Dylan has drawn; I simply scanned them in to the computer, resized them according to product specifications, uploaded them to a Walgreens album, and made my selections! It was so fun and easy, I may never shop anywhere else again. :) And I should mention, too, that I had procrastinated so long in ordering that I was worried his gifts wouldn't arrive on time, but thankfully, they all arrived with days to spare!

On Saturday, Darren stayed up with me until one o'clock in the morning to decorate the dining room and cake. Dylan knew nothing of our plans, and I really wanted it to remain a surprise! We were so exhausted by the time we finally made it to bed, but an entire night of sleeplessness would have been worth it just to see Dylan's face when he woke up on his birthday.

We invited my brother over in the afternoon, to join us for games, cakes, and presents. We had some hilarious blindfolded Super Wilson and Zorg face drawing contests (using red and green balloons), and Dylan made the cutest Zorg out of green balloons!

Overall, I think this was just about one of the best birthday parties ever! I love that it was just so very "Dylan". Nothing could have been more perfectly suited to our birthday boy!


Michelle said...

Oh, I bet he was so thrilled to have such a nice birthday.

Amy Parris said...

Good for you. That was totally creative!

Sherri said...

That's amazing...all of!
Happy birthday to your baby!

mom-in-training said...

I'm just now reading this, so...

Happy Belated Birthday, Dylan!!!

What an awesome birthday celebration, Melissa. I just loved how you were able to do all that. Amazing! :)