Tuesday, September 09, 2008

This music is addicting.

Very catchy. Noggin. Who knew?

I sang a modified version of this song for our morning circle time today (substitute "Dylan", "Caitlyn", and "Meghan" for all other names) and it was pretty much the most successful idea I've ever come up with. (And I can't believe I just ended that sentence with a preposition, but that's not the whole point of this post.) The point is the music! Really! You must give a listen. Have you all known about Noggin all along? Where have I been? We had to interrupt our jammin' dance party this afternoon for Meghan's speech therapy session, but as soon as Kristen wakes up I'm sure we'll be right back to YouTube.

*Update: Ohmygosh, and I just found this! I'm pretty sure I love Laurie Berkner. :)


Charlotte (Matilda) said...

Run, don't walk, and go get yourself a copy of this cd. You will thank me later! It is one of the only kids cd's we have that I will listen to in the car when the kids aren't around. Love it!!!

Jennifer said...

We are listening to Laurie right now. She's awesome. My husband even likes it. And if you are just now watching Noggin - wait until Halloween - they have this awesome candy corn song. And Franklin and Little Bear! I love Noggin.

Melissa said...

I too love Noggin, but miss having it. It is better than PBS most days. For reasons like this. I loved "THe Upside Down Show." I might consider getting the extended cable package again to get this - then try to write it off as an educational expense!

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Erin said...

HAHAHA! I have known about Noggin. Where have you been? (=

Let me just say, I don't get it. I think this may be one of those moments you really have to have kids to appreciate. But, that said, WOOT! Gotta love when you find something awesome for the kiddies.

Jen said...

We adore here! Noggin is awesome.