Wednesday, September 10, 2008



As a 1930s wife, I am

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Ha! That's a good one. I'm not sure I've ever been called "Superior" before, so I'm willing to accept this pronouncement, but not really, because I'm pretty sure I lied to myself on some of these questions. "Has a pleasant disposition in the morning--not crabby." (Well, provided I've had at least two cups of coffee and an uninterrupted hour to myself, then that is, theoretically, true.) (But it is absolutely true that I do not "smoke in bed or have cigarette stained fingers".) :)

H/T: Lillian


Lillian said...

LOL!! Wasn't it fun? I'm still puzzled over my score! I think it had to do more with what I didn't check off rather than what I did check off. Because I DID NOT check the "pleasant in the morning" one!!

Erin said...

I got an 89- VERY SUPERIOR


You know, if I were married. And if it was the 30's. And I weren't lazy. HAHAHAHAHA