Saturday, September 13, 2008

An Uncommon Exchange

Meghan sits bare bottomed on the potty beside me in the bathroom as I straighten my hair for work. After a while, I encourage her gently, "Meghan, honey, are you sure you have to go potty?"

"Yep!" she replies enthusiastically, with an affirmative head shake.

"Well, go ahead and do your potty then!"

"Okay," she says, feet swinging. She is in no hurry.

"How did you get so cute, anyway?" I ask with a sidelong glance. (She really doesn't like me being in the room with her right now.) "Who taught you to say 'Yep' like that?"

"No-bod-y," she enunciates carefully, smiling, clearly pleased with herself.

She slides down, tries to climb onto the vanity cabinet, gets stuck halfway up, cries pitifully, "Help!".

I kiss her and help her down.

She goes about her way. She has no idea how her mother's heart is soaring.

These spoken words are all new to her, new to me, and I will never tire of hearing them!


Shannon said...

yay! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, Melissa. Celeste here. Will you email me? I am sure you have heard and seen all about Hurricane Ike. All is good with us. Email me for more.

Love to you and all your precious ones,

Martha said...

How cute . . . I know it does make you happy to know that Meghan is making progress with her speech. Remember how Erin never used to talk? She had help with her speech in first and second grades and she turned into a chatterbox; I'm sure Meghan will be chattering away before you know it!