Thursday, September 18, 2008

You know what's funny?

Nursing your baby in the cramped confines of a too-small fitting room while simultaneously trying on a number of jeans, rushing because you know that any minute now, your husband and older children will be back to retrieve you from the store next door.

(Also funny, but I'm not laughing: that I've lost twenty pounds, yet those above mentioned jeans—in a size smaller than my usual—still don't fit! Argh! I really very strongly dislike clothes shopping.)


Martha said...

Wow, Melissa! Congratulations on your weight loss; that is great! Don't be discouraged; you'll be in a smaller size soon, so keep up the good work. Yes - I can just imagine you trying to nurse while trying on clothes in that tiny fitting room - it did put a smile on my face!

Jennifer said...

Try the jeans with a ruffled shirt - it makes everything better. ;)

Jamie said...

20 lbs!!! That's great!! Ok, what's the secret? I need to lose that!!!

Who cares about the jeans, I'm sure you look great!

Jen said...

I remember nursing in the Old Navy dressing room so many times! At one point I thought the staff was going to knock on the door and ask if everything was okay! Twenty pounds in great Melissa! And, you've had four kids. Even with all the baby weight off, the middle section never quite goes back to the way it was. I'm finally a little below my pre pregnancy weight, and I'm just now getting back to my normal jean size.....and David will be two in December. So, you are doing a great job. Do not fret! You are beautiful and have done a great job thus far. :-)

Shannon said...

woohooo on the weight loss!

Jeans are the absolute worst to shop for, aren't they! so frustrating!!! I've resorted to paying just a bit more for jeans that look great... I figure that in the long run I'll save money... by buying one or two pairs of jeans I actually like instead of multiple pairs of cheaper jeans that I dislike but buy b/c the price is right. Not easy at all!
You'll find the right pair !

Cheryl said...

I'm going to be clothes shopping this Saturday. And I bet I'll be nursing in a fitting room and saying aaaargh! when things don't fit right. I'm lighter than before I was pregnant, but my hips are still too wide to fit in my non maternity clothes.