Saturday, June 21, 2008

SO me.

I really liked Blair's "SO me" post a few days ago, and tucked it away in the back of my mind for future inspiration (where it was promptly forgotten among all the other dusty old thoughts just lying about waiting to be remembered). So last night, Celeste stirred up the memory with her "SO me" post, and I smiled to have such a personal glimpse into the heart and life of such a dear friend. But, trapped smack in the center of a downward spiral of self pity and loathing from some petty little upsets earlier in the day, I felt terribly distraught to think that there was not a single thing in this house that was SO me. Can't our minds be our own worst enemies some times? Because of course this morning, after a good nights sleep and further reflection, I wanted to just slap myself across the face and say, "Are you kidding?! This home is just full of things that are SO me!" And I think Celeste summed things up beautifully when she said, "I know these are just things. And things don't make us happy. But they make me smile. They add warmth and joy and brightness to my home. They are me."

I couldn't have said it better myself. Here are just a few of the many things around my home that are SO me.

First, it must be said that Darren knows me better than anybody else. So basically, anything he gives me is SO me because, well, he's just like that. Here is a beautiful angel that he gave me right after Kristen was born, while I was still in the hospital, and it reads, "To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven." Isn't she perfect? Also pictured is a lovely stained glass cross that he actually just found for me this morning: pansies and dragonflies. Yep... SO me!

Next, books! And more books! These are definitely SO me. Love my Tomie dePaola's. Love my bedside reading stacks! :)

Also, roosters! Here is just one of the three plates that hang above our dining room bay window, and a small representation of the many more roosters in my kitchen.

I think this next one needs no further explanation. Coffee. Computer. Enough said? :)

Here is an example combining my love of cross stitch and my love for St. Francis, to whom this prayer has been attributed:

And oh, I love this next one. My Willow Tree collection, each a gift from Darren on special occasions spanning the years since Dylan's birth. How I love these simple figurines.

And finally, my children. Yes, they are SO me, but I'm actually referring now to what they're wearing in this picture: matching tie dye! (Thanks again, Auntie Erin!) I love coordinating my kids' outfits. In fact, if Darren would let me, I would order matching outfits for all of us to wear every Christmas. He thinks it's ridiculous. I think it's charming. :)


Blair said...

Great post, Melissa! Wow, the cros stitch is beautiful! I love Willow Trees too and love dressing everyone in matching outfits! The tie-dye is so cute! I loved those shirts when I was younger...I have a thing for rainbow colors. And now maybe I need to do another post with things that are SO "me" around the house :) God bless your Sunday!

Frances said...

You are such a beautiful soul, Melissa! I love your angel with its reassuring verse, your Willow Tree figurines, your books (I, too, like a nice mix of books for children and books for adults), and your family - they "go together" not just because of the matching shirts but also because they have a lovely mix of yours and Darren's features.

Jill said...

The Prayer of St. Francis is my favorite. I love it!
I love coordinating outfits as well. (You would have such fun with twins!) Those tie-dyed shirts are great- made all the more cute by your adorable children.
Thanks for sharing this fun glimpse into your personality.

Off mentioned that your daughter wanted you to stay with her at VBS and didn't want to participate in certain things. Does she tend to be shy in certain situations? I was just wondering how you work with that. Do you make attempts to put her in more social situations? Do you just back off and let her do what she feels ready for? My kids are quite boisterous at home (aren't they all at this age?!) but can be reserved in public at times.

As always, love your pictures and posts!!

(And we got your letter. What fun to get real mail here!! Thanks!!!!!)

Jen said...

It was funny, because as I was reading this post, I thought, "What about the kiddos? Those are SO you!" :-) I really love that angel with the inscription on it. It spoke volumes, especially considering when/and why you got it. I don't have much that is "me", but I'm okay with that. I'm not much of a collector of things, I don't like jewelry considering I always have a baby or toddler around to rip it off. I have my Miraculous medal, and my massive collection of books, as my bursting bookcase and overflowing nightstand can attest to! I love the fact that you love to read so much!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Liss! I love you!


Nadja Magdalena said...

What a great post! Love your photos, and your kids are so adorable in the tie-dyed shirts--makes me want to go and start tie-dying something myself!