Friday, June 13, 2008

My boy. My joy.

With humble and heartfelt gratitude, I thank you all, so much, for your kind and honest comments. Blessed, indeed, are we.


Shannon said...

still praying for your beautiful boy! he's so darling!
all will be well. God is with you.

Celeste said...

You and your family are so loved dear friend. It seems like so much to tackle all at once, but it will produce good fruit for your family. And answers can be a good thing. I am thankful they are all things that can be worked on. We live down the street from a nine year old boy with Asperger's and he and Jacob play together. He is a great kid! I enjoy him. We also just met a new family at church and their son also has the same - he is 5.

God has great plans for you all. Your family is blessed many times over. What a precious bunch you are! You were given to Dylan for his benefit and he for yours. You are a perfect mommy-son match - created by God! You have everything you need by the grace of God to love him through this. The same goes for sweet little Meghan too.

When you talked about her speech delay I started thinking about little Andrew. He did not speak as early as Jacob and Nicole. He spoke but it has been since Christmas in these 6 months from 2 1/2 to 3 that he has really taken off. His vocabulary has multiplied immensely and he is such a joy to listen to. Him and this explosion of verbal expression. Just about 3 or 4 weeks ago he began stuttering. One day he didn't and the next day he did. I am trying not to be too worried about it because I know it can be common, but I will ask the Dr. at his upcoming checkup. I personally think it's because his big brother and sister always interrupt him! HE he.

I just wanted to send a comment and I will email more later. I love you bunches. Thanks for the announcement and the sweet note! Do you stamp? I have LOADS of stamps. I don't really do it anymore, but it was always fun! It just doesn't float my boat anymore. Someday I may even sell most of them. I am so enjoying quilting and sewing when I can.

Have a wonderful weekend and wish Darren a happy father's day!

This is so long - I guess I should have emailed. Oh well.