Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Well today wasn't so bad, after all! It was hot, but not miserably so, as I had feared earlier this morning. And you know what? I think that skirts may very well be the solution. Here's a fun one my mom helped me pick out while she was here, and look what else! Toenail polish! And some kicky little sandals! I may yet survive this summer! :)

The children and I actually spent a fair amount of time outside today, as a pleasant cloud cover moved in right around noon. Meghan really wanted to eat at the picnic table, so that's where we had our lunch! Caitlyn had the opportunity to use the bubble blow she won last week during Vacation Bible School, Kristen was asleep inside, and Dylan had fun digging! We all had a really great time. I, of course, could not pass up the chance to photograph a few of the butterflies who have finally discovered our backyard. :)

The graceful Black Swallowtail I had seen through the window earlier in the day was nowhere to be found this afternoon, but Meghan and I delighted in chasing the American Lady and Clouded Sulfur who were fluttering about the garden. Even a tattered little Gray Hairstreak made a brief appearance!

Nobody complained when I said it was time to come inside and cool down with some refreshing mint tea Daddy made last night, and we spent the rest of the afternoon indoors. We read books, and I got to talk to my sister-in-law for a long, long time on the phone. :) I let the kids play with Play-Doh while I played on the computer for a while, and when Darren got home tonight he made the most delicious lemon and basil chicken tossed with angel hair pasta. I think he's just about got the kids to sleep now, so I'm going to go join him for a big bowl of ice cream and help him with the photo layout of his book. Ahhh, these lazy summer days. :)


Jill said...

Cute skirt and sandals! I enjoy hearing about your lovely summer days.
Happy Birthday, by the way! (I meant to say it earlier, but I found Henry on my lap yet again! :) I'll be joining you in the 'older than 30' crowd in a few months.
You are lucky to have such a wonderful cook for a husband. Will he share his recipe? ;

Jill said...
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Celeste said...

Such beautiful photos, except the one of the bottom of your skirt and your sandals. I do love the toenails and the sandals, but I would love to see all of cute you in your adorable skirt. You are so beautiful and lovely, dear one! I am liking skirts too sometimes. Don't think I could ever abandon my shorts, jeans and capris, but I do like skirts. In fact I'm wearing a knee length denim one today. I miss you and love you bunches!