Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Weekend Review

We had the pleasure of attending a beautiful wedding this past Saturday. Dylan and Caitlyn were thrilled to find bubble blow that they were not only allowed, but encouraged to use! Unfortunately, Meghan missed most of the excitement...she slept through the entire ceremony!

On Sunday, we all had a great time at an early fourth of July party. Dylan and Caitlyn enjoyed swimming and jumping on the trampoline, and Darren and I enjoyed the company of some wonderful friends!

Last night, under darkening skies, we had our own little cookout...

...and tonight, we headed over to my brother Robby's new house for his annual July 4th celebration, where Dylan had fun dancing in the rain before watching us light his eagerly anticipated fountains!

These past few days have been wonderful. But now I'm exhausted! I think Caitlyn has the right idea...

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Darren said...

I really love this post, you did a great job and the photos are wonderful!