Thursday, July 20, 2006

Here We Go!

Today I am the queen of laundry washing, house cleaning, and suitcase packing.

We're leaving early tomorrow morning for a long overdue trip to Amarillo. It's been a while since Darren's been back "home", so we're all very excited. A few nights ago, we made the mistake of checking out the Wonderland amusement park website while the kids were in the room, and now it's all they can talk about! So needless to say, I'm sure that's one attraction we'll be enjoying while we're there. Darren and I are looking forward to the simpler things: visiting with family, including our precious niece who we'll be meeting for the first time; showing the kids around Darren's hometown; a scenic drive out to Palo Duro Canyon, even if it is too hot to camp out; and just "getting away from it all" for a few days together as a family.

A wonderful time awaits us. I can hardly wait to get started!

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Michelle said...

Happy trails!