Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Favorite Song

Dylan has become quite proficient at "Google-ing" things which hold his interest--skeletons, Superman, character coloring pages--you name it, he'll Google it. This morning, while I was rocking Meghan, he came to me and asked, "Mommy, how do we type in Love Crucified Arose?" I was a bit surprised, since it's been a while since we've heard this song by Michael Card. (My brother Robby, the choir director for our church, sang it beautifully this past Easter). I carefully wrote out the words so he could type them in, and a few minutes later he came running back into the living room. "Mommy, come look what I found!" He was one very excited little boy! His Google search had turned up countless results, including a link to this page. I picked him up and danced with him as we sang along with one of our favorite songs. What a happy pair we were! We've listened to it several times today, and will undoubtedly listen to it a few times more before the day ends. I'm so glad he found it. I'm so glad he wanted to find it. What a sweet, sensitive kid. God, I love that boy.

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