Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Good Times!

Earlier today, Dylan and Caitlyn decided it would be great fun to put on a puppet show for Meghan. They had a blast!

For Meghan, the highlight was stealing the star of the show...

...she thought it was hilarious!

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He who wears the most black wins. said...


What sweet kiddos. It's like reading about my own family, right down to the fussy teething six month old, a headstrong and brilliant 2 year old and a sweet and sensitive natured 4 year old. What a blessing to have found your site as well, Melissa. I also COMPLETELY identify with the desire to want to control everything! It is so hard to let go sometimes.

Thanks for the advice about the thrush. I actualy saw a doctor and treated myself AND the baby for that too. Although, the doctor didn't think that's what it was, I wanted to be able to eliminate it as a possibility. I am still nursing and doing one bottle of formula per day for now ( with a little help from our friendly makers of tylenol) so the struggle continues.

Keep writing and sharing!! I love to hear from you-

God bless