Monday, July 31, 2006


I didn't think I could do it.

I never dared to try.

But in a bold movement yesterday morning--before church, no less!--I personally gave Meghan her very first haircut. Just a trim, really, but for me it was a momentous occassion. With a few snips of the scissors I eliminated the "wings" that had sprouted above each ear and trimmed the bangs that brushed her eyes.

With each of the two older kids, at a point well after their first birthdays, I made ceremonious appointments for them at my aunt's hair salon to properly honor that significant ritual. But with each of them, I had become so emotionally attached to their soft baby curls that seeing those delicate wisps fall to the floor caused me very real pain. Trimming Meghan's hair myself was much easier for me, and, I expect, much nicer for Meghan, too. In fact, I think we may have established a new tradition for this household...haircuts by mom before the curls begin to rule my heart!

Also worth noting is that Meghan chose yesterday afternoon to begin crawling! My mom joked that it would have happened sooner had Meghan not had so much hair covering her eyes. At any rate, she's really moving now...eyes wide open and full speed ahead!