Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"Cat Day"

I spent some time last night catching up on the blog of a very dear friend, a woman I've never met but greatly admire nonetheless. It is just so evident that, in addition to being a faithful Catholic, wonderful friend, devoted wife to her darling husband, and fearless world explorer, she is also an incredible mom to her precious brood of lively and imaginative children! I am always so impressed with the things they think of to do together! I laughed out loud as I read of their most recent activities, and then had Darren read the particularly endearing posts relating tales of adventure and creativity. "I've become such a boring mom," I lamented. "I want to be just like Jill."

And so, when Dylan announced first thing this morning that he was declaring today "Cat Day" and that we needed to mark it on our calendar, I rose to the challenge and encouraged him as he gathered all his books about cats and made cat cards, banners, books, and activity pages. Plans to launder all the bed sheets were put aside as I brainstormed ways to assist in the festivities. I remembered we still had an extra box of cake mix leftover from the feast of St. George, and so, feeling inspired by the success of our dragon cake, I searched the internet for a cat cake that I could make with the children. We saw lots of cute ones here, and sort of adapted a couple of our favorites to resemble our beloved tabby. What a fun day! Dylan was so excited, and was such a big help in the kitchen, gathering supplies and offering suggestions as we decorated our cake. We called my mom and invited her over for dinner (Tuna Helper, because everybody knows that cats love fish!) and dessert.

The most amazing part of the day for me, though, was when Darren walked in as we were putting the finishing touches on our cake and deposited on the kitchen counter a package that had just been delivered...from Jill!!! I couldn't believe it. Almost as if by magic, it seemed as though my thinking of her had brought a small bit of her into existence in my very own home.

Jill, thank you. My children were thrilled with the package you sent! And the timing of it's delivery could not have been more perfect. It makes me smile to think of you thinking of me! I am so blessed to have you as a friend. I wish I could invite you and your sweet kids over for some cake!


Jamie said...

aaaaaaaaaah!!! That is SO nice!! I also LOVE Jill (and you)! I am amazed at all she does and all she has sacrificed and her always positive attitude! My mind spins when I go to her blog! There is always wonderful stuff to read and ideas galore.

She will love your post! I love your (or your dear hubby's) idea of Cat day!! Your cake turned out beautiful! I think we might have to do that this Summer, have different theme days!

Have a great day Melissa!

Jill said...

Oh, Melissa. You are too kind! What a surprise to come here and find such beautiful words about me. I am humbled. Thank YOU!

I have to tell you that 'fearless' might not be the most telling word. You'll laugh to find out that it took me a long time to get that package to you. It was my first trip to the post office without my French speaking helper or Paul. So, I am happy to hear that my package arrived. :)
I was totally meaning to send a package as soon as Kristen was born. Really.
But, first I was nervous about going to the post office like I said. Then, I didn't know what I was going to send. I don't have creative talents like Celeste and others to be able to make something. Then, I decided to buy the big kids all a bunch of treats from Luxembourg. Well, I can't tell you how many times I ate their treats! (Don't tell them...shhhh) Those dinosaur biscuits are addicting. So, we had to keep making new runs to the grocery store to get more and I just had to get it into the box and sealed. :)

Anyway, I have to say that I am amazed (truly) that anyone thinks I am at all creative and (in your words) incredible. I think that every time I visit HERE or Jamie's or Laura's....I think we all have something in common. We love our kids and love doing things with and for them. That spills out on to our blogs and we reap the benefit of seeing each other's lives.

Well, I'm rambling. What else is new?

I love you all. Someday we'll meet. As I say to Paul- when we get back we can travel anywhere. It will all seem easy!

Ok, off to make dinner. Wish we were having cat cake for dessert! (Actually, I wish we had some tuna helper. No such thing here!)

Love you all bunches. Thank you again for your kind words.

Shannon said...

Wow! That cat cake is unbelievable! Your blog is so fun to read... your children seem delightful and you seem like the sweetest mama married to a wonderful man.
Jill, you know I love your blog too! Sorry I haven't been commenting much...will get on that!

Cheryl said...

Wow. It sounds like a great day. I don't think I could do the cake decorating - it came out beautiful!