Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Happy Happenings

Caitlyn had her cast removed yesterday. I still can't believe it's already been four weeks since she broke her leg! I remember being so worried then that she would be immobile for such an extended period of time. I remember gently propping her up against stacks of pillows with Color Wonder tablets and magnetic paper dolls and her Barbie laptop, entertaining her while trying to keep her comfortable, suffering myself from the discomforts of late pregnancy...and then being worried about how I would take care of her while being on modified bed rest. How unnecessary all those fears turned out to be! Who would have guessed that Kristen would be born so soon, negating my activity restrictions, or that Caitlyn would decide at that very same time that she could still, in fact, be quite mobile in her cast? By the time it was removed yesterday, her cast was broken and frayed in some places by the constant wear it had endured over the past week in particular! She's got a new CAM walker in place now, which we can expect to keep for the next three weeks or so, but if recent weeks are any indication, I know this time will just fly by!

Other great news about yesterday? My mom is finally home! She was at our house by 7:30 yesterday morning, with donuts and gifts in hand! Have you ever been so happy to see someone that you just wanted to cry? How fun it was to talk and catch up in person, and my kids were thrilled to see their Nonny again. She stayed with them while I went up to the hospital, and she was able to go up there with me yesterday evening while Darren stayed home and prepared a delicious dinner. It was so awesome to introduce her to Kristen for the very first time!

At three weeks old, Kristen is up to 4 lbs, 13.1 oz, and she is becoming quite the little glutton with her feedings! She's still being tube fed every other feeding, but she greedily gulps down each bottle feeding in half the time she's allowed. I am so proud of her! Each tiny step of progress is cause for rejoicing. I dream of the day she's finally home with us.


Matilda said...

Yeah for happy happenings! BigBoy was excited to see Baby Kristen again! My daughter said your mother looks too young to be a grandma. (Don't tell MY mom she said that!:) Have a wonderful visit with your mom and just as these four weeks with Caitlyn's cast have flown by, so too will the rest of the time until Kristen is home!

Andrea said...

Maybe I'm just emotional right now but your post brought tears to my eyes. I'm glad things are looking up! You have a beautiful family and your sweet little one is precious.

Jill said...

What joyful news all around. The photos of two of your girls are precious- and that beautiful young mommy you have! I'm so glad she's there with you. SOunds like Kristen is doing her best to get home to join her family. What a sweetie!