Friday, April 04, 2008

Date Night

I know. We're such nerds. :)

(Mmmm, but did you see the Black Forest cake in the background? And the wine? So don't worry. It's all good.)

(And plus, I really rock at word games.)

(But so does my husband.)


Jill said...

Sounds just like us. I guess we're nerds too. ;)
We are Scrabble fans, though. Haven't tried Boggle. Scrabble has gotten pretty competetive. We had a running 'wins and losses' sheet going for awhile. I think he would really like it if I would take up RISK. Then we could have date night every night!

Anyway, this sounds just like something you needed. A little wine, games, and relaxing fun with your husband. I hope it was a great night.

Frances said...

Too funny - my husband and mother-in-law treated me to four rounds of Boggle for my birthday this past weekend! David will only play it with me if I give him a "handicap."

And as to Jill's comment - RISK is what I play with David as a treat for him! I always lose!

Andrea said...

I LOVE Boggle... it's my FAVORITE! I like it a lot more than my husband but we play as often as we can with little hands grabbing. Fun, maybe that'll be our date night tonight.

Crafty Mom said...

Okay, that is really weird. On Saturday night, my husband and I took out Scrabble for the first time in probably 3 years. Keys to a good marriage: The ability to have some fun even without the kiddos.

Congratulations on your newest addition too. Hope she is soon with you 24/ 7.

Blair said...

Boggle is our favorite! If only the kids hadn't lost all the letters!