Monday, July 23, 2007

Monday Morning

I'm feeling a bit melancholy this morning. I'm sure it has much to do with waking up and finding myself at "that time of the month". I had already determined from my diligent NFP charting that it was probably inevitable, but still. How I long to see that prolonged elevated temperature pattern! But for now I sit, dejected and forlorn, sipping a cup of coffee in this quiet early hour without even the pleasure of creamer, because I finished off the last container of my favorite variety yesterday and never made it to the store to replenish my supply. Sigh.

You know what else is making me feel a little sad? Dylan has a loose tooth. His very first one! But wasn't it just yesterday that we joyously saw that first hint of white peeking through his tender, swollen gums? I don't recall ever giving him permission to grow up so heartbreakingly fast! Must time keep marching so mercilessly forth? Can't we just slow it down a little?
Meghan, my precocious little sweetheart, is less and less a "baby" these days and more and more a "big girl". She runs around in ponytails and dresses, chubby legs adorned with bruises and ink drawings because she is just so gosh darn curious! I am forever finding her up on top of tables, cabinets, bar stools, chairs...The other day, I heard her plaintive little voice crying out "Mama!". And where do I find her? On top of the dresser in the kids' bedroom closet, wedged beneath the shelf above it, peering out at me with a perplexed expression on her face. I can't begin to imagine how she got herself up there to begin with, and apparently, she had no idea of how she was going to get down! Stunned, I stood for a moment and just stared, then burst out laughing and scooped her into my arms to cover her in kisses. (Of course, I sort of wish now that I had run to get the camera first!)

And oooohhhh, that Caitlyn. Such an independent princess! It seems sometimes that I can actually see her growing and maturing, and it is the most remarkable thing in the world. I can hardly believe she is going to be four in just three short months. I still sort of think of Dylan as being four years old, because it was such a fun and special year for him, and because I am just not ready to accept the fact that he is going to be six in September! (What about five, you wonder? This year has just flown by way too fast. I forget he is five. Honestly! But when I think about it, this has been a really great year for him, too.) But Caitlyn. Four! She is quickly becoming such a sweet little companion, a real treasure and a joy to have as a daughter. I really do love the age she's at now, able and eager to help around the house and happy to participate in all that we do as a family. She is so much fun to take along on quick trips to the store, keeping up a continuous stream of happy chatter for the duration of the entire ride. I love to hear the things she comes up with, the way her mind works when she's apart from the dominating presence of her older brother and the demanding presence of her baby sister!

I'm gathering my blessings close to me this morning. They're just beginning to stir, and I can't wait for those first hugs and kisses! Even without the creamer, it's looking like this is going to be a really good day, after all.


Mom to Four said...

What sweet reflections!

I can identify with it all:

My Jacob and his great big, big boy front teeth.

Andrew and all his talking and big boy playing.

And I could so identify with what you said about Caitlyn and her talkativeness when you are out. Jacob too tends to be the dominant big brother. It is always fun to hear what's going on in her head!

So sorry the chart didn't read as you would have liked. All in time.

I have to try that creamer. My favorite is White Chocolate Raspberry.

Much love.

Anonymous said...

Yes my first baby is 20 now! How did that happen? & my baby Jacinta is 6. i too remember the charting..i had 12 pregnancies in 14 years so my temperatures were pretty much elevated all the time! lol. Now there's a lull..but mom needs that to give more attention to the teens..halfway between childhood & adulthood this is parenting at it's hardest..the years 2-12 are the golden years..enjoy!

Jane Ramsey said...

"Little boys should never go to bed. They always wake up one day older." (I love that quote from the movie "Finding Neverland").

I can so relate, Melissa!
the growing-too-fast five year old, the middle child who chatters happily when he has those precious moments away from siblings, and the little one that is always climbing on things and putting himself in danger! I think we are living parallel lives! :-)

Kristen Laurence said...

Oh Melissa, we are so on the same page right now! How painful it is to see our little ones grow without a *new* little one in our arms! I wish we were closer so we could go out for a cup of coffee together. :)