Thursday, July 12, 2007

All in a day's work

I couldn't help noticing recently several discussions regarding hired help in the home. I was at once reminded of the years I spent in college cleaning houses, when the flexible schedule it offered (not to mention great pay) just couldn't be beat. I really did enjoy my work, and developed warm relationships with each of my employers, but resolved that I would never hire anyone to clean my own home once it was established. (I was still living with my parents when I first began cleaning houses, and continued even after Darren and I were married.)

But fast forward several years, and I'll be the first to admit that my housekeeping skills are not exactly my forte. (Much like the proverbial plumber, I suppose, whose own faucets leak.) So reading through these posts and accompanying comments, I may have been tempted for just a moment or two to reconsider my position, maybe play with our budget a little, maybe even consider the possibility of inquiring into an occasional cleaning service.

Today, though, it occurred to me that I've already got the sweetest and most eager assistant that anyone could ever hope to find. She's free, too! And absolutely precious. Just look at all my Mother's Little Helper can do!

She vacuums...

and cooks...

and does the dishes...

she even folds the laundry!

(That is, until my exhausting demands completely wear her out.)

Oh, how I love my girl. Everyone should be so blessed with such wonderful "help"!


diana said...

I cleaned houses myself while in college and really liked the job. I got to clean big, rich,old houses that were beautifully decorated. I liked my employers quite a bit, who were always respectful of me. I learned to keep house too!

I have often wanted to hire someone to help me clean. We are all allergic to dust which means bedrooms must be as dust free as possible. Even then it's like having a cold all day, only cleaning regularly keeps it under control, meaning no medications.

I may do that when the school year comes along. Someone could use the extra money, I could use the extra help, and my kids will benefit. Great posting!

Matilda said...

She is adorable!!!

I had help cleaning my house when we had 3 in diapers. It was very helpful and a lovely gift from my husband. I wish it had been a college girl- that sounds like the best way to go!

Jane Ramsey said...

She is adorable! Send her over to the Brambles...I'm sure she could teach my boys a thing or two about housekeeping!

Mom to Four said...

I guess I like doing most of my own housework. Not that I enjoy it, but I guess I see it as part of the "job description." It doesn't always get done though. I guess we also don't do it because we really can't afford it at this point.

I am not opposed to it though. I think if I really needed the help, I would sacrifice expenses elsewhere to have the help.

After Michael was born my parents' gift to us was a bi-monthly cleaning service! It was a fantastic gift. I think I'll have another baby just for some more cleaning! :)

And, Melissa, it must be a third child thing - Andrew is one of my best helpers.

mom-in-training said...

So sweet! Love all the pictures! And I agree with Celeste about the third child thing. When we tell all the kids to pick up, often times Amy is the only one to voluntarily do it. We usually have to force the boys to help. Gotta love those little helpers!

Mom to Four said...





Jamie said...

I agree with you Melissa, our children are the best helpers and I plan to train them all in!! The pictures are priceless! :) who is Nicole? I'd like to run to her blog?

Anonymous said...

i always had a cleaner from 4 kids to 8 & then found it easier having a few older to help out. My husband i have to say is the best cleaner & chef in our house..just wonderful!