Thursday, July 26, 2007

Friends in the kitchen

I've often longed to be included in one of those charming and comfortable friendships, calling to mind a bygone era, in which Mommies are able to gather together in their quaint kitchens, sipping coffee and swapping recipes, the tantalizing scent of fresh baked bread wafting through the air as their children play happily nearby.


It could happen.

Just not in this life that I'm living right now. Not anytime soon, anyway. But in the meantime...

I am honored and thrilled to have been invited by Celeste, one of my very best and dearest blogging buddies, to join a new food blog that she has created. (Along with Robin and Michele, two of her real life friends who I would also love to someday meet beyond the walls of this virtual world!) I hope that you will stop by and visit all of us at Mixing Bowls and Measuring Spoons, because a crowded kitchen is a cozy kitchen! I've added a link in my sidebar; just click the picture to enter!


Celeste said...

What a sweet post. So glad we have a crowded kitchen!

Much love,

Heather said...

Thanks, Melissa! Now I have two new recipes to try! I'm with you - love the scenario, but it's just not happening right now :<

Kristen Laurence said...

How fun! I love these cooking blogs!

Alice Gunther said...

Fabulous idea!