Tuesday, April 28, 2009

She's been trying this trick for days...

...and finally succeeded today:

(Why yes, thank you very much, that gigantic tub of blocks has, in fact, been sitting on my bedroom floor for days!)

She was so cute. After finally figuring out how to get up, she had no idea how to get down! Of course I left her there long enough to get a picture (or two, or three dozen...) before "rescuing" her. (Don't worry. The camera was sitting right on top of that dresser. It's never far from reach!) And, I wasn't planning to share this next one, but I think it's just so cute:

Caitlyn quickly joined the fun with her trademark theatrics, crying "Oh no! She's stuck!" as she swooped in to save the day. Although by this time, as you can clearly see in the photo above, poor Kristen had pretty much resigned herself to the drama! It's a skill with which she's well rehearsed...because around here, there's always drama. :)


Jennifer said...

I can't believe how big she's getting!

Shannon said...

i agree with Jennifer... she looks like a toddler and not a baby anymore! how does this happen so quickly?

mom-in-training said...

All good drama, I'm sure! :)

I have to thank you, Melissa. I used the Math Worksheet Wizard link from your list of homeschool tools and it was just what I needed! Nathan just finished his Kindergarten workbook and needs some filler for the Summer. This site is the perfect resource! I've linked it from my blog, too, as I think I will be visiting it often. Thanks for the invaluable resource!!!