Thursday, April 23, 2009


Meghan helped me make cupcakes this morning to share with her lovely speech therapist, who visited today for what we thought would be the last time. (Although it turns out we will get to see her again at the beginning of May! Yay!) We had a sweet little party near the completion of her session today, though, complete with some really cute Dora plates, cups, and napkins that Darren had picked us for us a few days ago.

And, since we had so many cupcakes, we decorated the rest this afternoon with a St. George theme! Last year we made our own version of Charlotte's amazing dragon cake, but I knew I just wouldn't have time this year and besides, I just didn't think I would be emotionally up to the task. I say that with a wink and a smile, but really, it's true! I was crying to Darren at the dinner table a few nights ago that I couldn't believe it was already nearly a year since the last St. George's Day. (It's a very good thing that my dear, sweet husband is, by now, so accustomed to my moods.) But I was remembering how my mom had recently arrived in town then and what a big help she was that day and how awesome it was having her here for those two months! I miss you, mom!

Anyway, we improvised...and I'm so glad we did! Some super simple cupcakes (white frosting with red crosses) were enhanced with a cute little display configured from Dylan's Lego and Playmobil sets! Brave St. George with his sword, shield, and flag, a couple of horses, and one of Cait's Polly Pockets even made an appearance as Princess Una, from the beautiful book St. George and the Dragon! (We just love that story!) :)

Hope you all had a great day, too!


Charlotte (Matilda) said...

I am sorry for your sad tears but your cupcakes look great! Love the Polly Pockets Una!!!

Jennifer said...

Your cupcakes look like your background here. How happy.