Thursday, April 16, 2009

My grandpa's birthday

My grandpa's 90th birthday is coming up this weekend, but we celebrated a couple of weeks ago while two of my uncles and an aunt were in town with their families for Spring Break. Most of my other relatives who live in town were also able to attend the dinner we held in his honor, and we just about filled the entire length of the restaurant! My children so enjoy occasions on which they are able to visit with their whole family, and I am more than happy to provide them with plenty of opportunities! Unfortunately, my mom was unable to be here for the event, but I promised her I'd post plenty of pictures. Of course I wish I'd taken more, but I'm very happy with these!

That last one was my attempt at a good group shot of the kids while Dylan's hair was still really long. We hadn't intended to let it grow that much, but postponed a haircut for so long that eventually I started to really like it that way! I thought we'd shorten it up just a teeny tiny bit before Easter, but since someone didn't trust my capabilities, I sent that same certain someone to a local haircutting establishment with him to get just the littlest bit of hair up out of his eyes. Oh my goodness, like two inches were chopped off and it looked just awful! I cried, I couldn't help it. The very next day I took him to a different place, and have to say that I still really love his hair short, too. (Which is how he's always worn it.)

I think he's perfectly handsome either way, though. See? :)

(And his sisters are awfully cute, too.) :)


Martha said...

How nice that so many of you were able to get together for your grandfather's birthday! I was glad for the pictures you posted of your grandparents - also, for the latest pics of the kids. They just get cuter and cuter. Your Grandpa Randall's birthday is next week & so is Ryan's - wish we could all get together to celebrate their birthdays!

Jill said...

Great photos of the whole event. LOVE the group shots of the four kids. Very cute indeed.

Shannon said...

Honestly you're completely what I know I'll strive to be as a mother someday! Your brood is darling!
Hehe... I love that your 5 year old "called you out" on the "girlfriend" thing.

Night out with my friend was just ok. I ended up praying for a lot of the time towards the end of the night... little did everyone know... mostly for the guys at the bar. I was surprised by how disrespectful they were to women. Ugh.

I hope you're well!
Blessings to you, dear Melissa! Your comment brightened my day!

I do wish I could meet you and Jill. Maybe someday!

Erin said...

Oh my gosh! They are all so big! Dylan looks older with his hair longer, but it is SUPER cute!