Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The difference of a year

I remember feeling quite restless and rushed when we attended the Bataan Memorial Death March with our children last year. Darren had already been up to see Kristen in the hospital that morning, but I was so eager to return home so that I, too, could go visit my precious girl! Last Sunday we again made the short drive over to the annual event, and the difference of a year was so remarkably apparent! All of the children, including Kristen, had so much fun! We arrived around lunch time, so we stopped first at one of the food tents for some cheeseburgers and chips, but it was so windy that, instead of eating on the lawn as we had last year, we opted to eat at one of the more secluded patio tables behind the Frontier Club. I was so tired after having worked the night before, but it was so nice sitting there with my little family! We took them over to a wonderful park after watching some of the marchers cross the finish line, and they were so happy! Another young family arrived just as we did, and watching them, one would have thought they were long lost friends! It was so cute to watch them playing together! I didn't really take many pictures at the playground, but I do love these few we took at lunch. :)

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