Monday, November 13, 2006

True Love

One day last week, Darren and I were leaving a store with the kids and as we approached our van in the parking lot, he said, "Well, look at that! I wonder who left the side door WIDE OPEN?!"

I stopped for a moment and stared, dumbfounded, then remembered all at once that I had intended to close it after Dylan climbed out. I had gotten distracted buckling Caitlyn into the seat of a nearby shopping cart and completely forgot about closing the door! Luckily, everything was fine with the van, but I was still bewildered!

"Maybe I'm pregnant," I said, only somewhat jokingly. "That would certainly explain the absentmindedness I've been experiencing lately".

With complete sincerity, Darren looked me right in the eyes and responded tenderly, "Oh, I sure hope so".

While we haven't yet actually been blessed with another new life, I feel so cherished just knowing that my beloved would happily welcome one (or two, or more!) new souls into this world with me. I could never be more perfectly loved.


He who wears the most black wins. said...

Beautiful, just beautiful. You both make me smile. I went to Darren's post and commented a bit more.

:) Have a great week!!

Jill said...

I am so glad to have other people in my life (even if it's just my 'virtual' world) that are open to life. We, too, have three and hope to be blessed with more. Outside of the "awesome Catholic blogging Mommies" around here, I don't hear things like your sentiments too often. Especially from men...I think I'll go leave a nice comment for your husband. :)
God bless your beautiful family, and beautiful attitude.

Mom to Almost Four said...

So beautiful!

I sort of wish you were too. Then there'd be three of us!

Anonymous said...

One time, as I was shopping at a mall for a new purse, I went to look for my keys to see how I would arrange everything in the specific bag I was looking at. I couldn't find them...I thought, darn, they must be locked in my car. I walked out to the mall parking lot and they were indeed locked inside my car, which was STILL RUNNING. I had already been in the mall for a good 20 minutes. I had to call a cab, ride home, get my spare set and come back! That was before children, pretty scary huh? Leaving the van door open seems fairly harmless, actually effecient, ;)...

Thanks so much for helping me with the title problem on my blog...all is well now. :) I've checked out your blog a few times through Nicole's. So cool the community that you all have developed. Although I question whether my energy could hold up to more children than what I have (really I know that I could), and remember that getting my husband to even go for number 2 took 5 years, I still crave the process of growing more kidlings. I'm sure if I went to MCA (More Children Anonymous)to deal with my addictive like yearnings for pregnancy they would advise me to stop visiting sites like your's and Nicoles. I'm stubborn though.

Jennifer said...

Yes, you are very blessed. My husband is still uncertain because my pregnancies and recoveries have been so difficult, but too bad for him because it is just happening at some point! :) Really, it's just something we all have to have faith about. I'm so happy for your family that you have that.

mom-in-training said...

I can't imgagine a more perfect response from a husband. I think mine would have began hyperventilating at the notion of my being pregnant. ;) May God continue to bless you and Darren with as many children as He and you desire!!!