Saturday, November 04, 2006

A Merry Olde Tyme

It has become a much loved tradition in my family to attend an annual Renaissance ArtsFaire held locally every first weekend in November. (The food alone would be enough to attract me, particularly the bread bowls with green chile chicken soup, and oh! The "Choco-Holic Frolic" booth! Heaven.) But really, there are so many other wonderful things to see and do that it's something we look forward to all year long. My brother has been performing there with a group of singers for the past few years, so that's one attraction we can always count on seeing when we go.

Another group we thoroughly enjoy, and one not to be missed, is Clan Tynker, a phenomenal family of entertainers from Santa Fe. (If you check out their link, be sure to click on "What" and watch their video. It's amazing!) Juggling fire...swallowing swords...they're incredible.

On our way home this afternoon, after spending a great time at the Faire, we stopped at K-Mart to pick up a few things and noticed that their Halloween costumes were marked down to 75% off. I couldn't pass up a cute princess outfit for Caitlyn, especially since my neice will be visiting soon. (I was thinking about how cute they'll be playing dress-up together!) Caitlyn tried it on as soon as we got home, and was so very happy. Not two minutes later, though, Dylan came to me wearing nothing but his Lightning McQueen underwear and carrying the Cinderella outfit we got Caitlyn for her birthday last month. "Mom!" he said excitedly. "I want to play dress up too!"

"Honey", I said to Darren as I grabbed the car keys. "I'm heading back to K-Mart".

With one look at Dylan, Darren nodded emphatically as I walked out the door. Luckily, I found a perfect "dress up" costume for Dylan and he and Caitlyn had a wonderful time this afternoon playing make-believe. Here they are: my handsome knight, my beautiful princess, and even a friendly dragon!


Alice said...

What a fun and educational event, and how great for the children to be able to see their uncle perform!

They are adorable!

erin said...

That is a GREAT picture of Rob!