Thursday, November 30, 2006

Birthday Meme

I was tagged by Celeste for this birthday meme.

Here's how you play:

1) Go to Wikipedia
2) In the search box, type your birth month and day but not the year.
3) List three events that happened on your birthday.
4) List two important birthdays and one death.
5) One holiday or observance (if any).

My birthday is June 23.

3 events:

1887: The Rocky Mountains Park Act becomes law in Canada, creating that nation's first national park, Banff National Park.
1888:Frederick Douglass is the first African-American nominated for US president.
1931:Wiley Post and Harold Gatty take off from Roosevelt Field, Long Island in an attempt to circumnavigate the world in a single-engine plane.

2 important birthdays:

1929: June Carter Cash, American singer
1948: Clarence Thomas, U.S. Supreme Court Justice

1 death:

1995: Jonas Salk, American medical researcher

1 Holiday/Observance:

Midsummer's Eve, Christianized the eve of the feast of Saint John the Baptist, is celebrated in much of Northern Europe and the British Islands.

I tag Nicole and Jennifer. Have fun!

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Barite said...

Hi Sweetie! Just wanted you to know that I did this one as well, on my blog. Take a look and see what you think! Love you-