Saturday, August 25, 2007

Such a beautiful day

We enjoyed such a fun family day yesterday that I'd like to share it here. Nothing out of the ordinary, just simply and wonderfully us! The kids and I have been enthralled lately with Darren's tales of the magnificent wildlife he's been seeing out at the museum, so, since it was his day off, he treated us to our own little tour and it was so amazing! Thankfully, no snakes or scary looking spiders seemed to be in attendance today, and Darren was a little disappointed at the diminished variety of butterflies present, but for me, just seeing the astounding quantity of beautiful Queens flitting about one particular tree made the trip worth our time!

In addition to these, there were a number of gorgeous Palmer's Metalmarks, which I had not previously seen in nature.

But since it was pretty hot and dusty and we were all getting rather hungry, we abandoned the butterflies after a while in favor of lunch. The kind ladies in the museum giftshop informed us that the bowling alley would be the place to find an array of kid-pleasing options, so off we went! And the food, oh my. I didn't feel one bit guilty devouring my big, juicy, mushroom swiss burger and crispy onion rings! They were delicious. If the butterflies hadn't been enough to convince me of the worthwhileness of our trip, lunch would have certainly done the job! The kids had mini corn dogs and french fries, and we discovered that Dylan is a natural at pinball! I had no idea my baby boy held that skill (but I know that he certainly didn't inherit it from his Nonny!)

We drove around more of the Missile Range after lunch, and the kids and I were delighted to have an up-close look at the baby pigeon Darren discovered a few days ago. Too cute!

When we finally headed back into town, it was with one very exciting destination in mind. Caitlyn has been saying for months that she wants to be a ballerina dancer when she grows up, and she is just so cute in her determination! (And spending time recently with my cousin and her dancing daughters served to strengthen her resolve!) So after discussing it for a while, Darren and I made the decision to enroll her in a pre-ballet/tap dance class at a wonderful local gym, where we also decided to enroll Dylan in Kindergarten gymnastics. When we told them we were going there to register yesterday, they were both so excited! I, myself, am just beyond thrilled. I know they are going to have so much fun!!!

Once we completed the registration process, we went out shopping for the appropriate attire, and this in itself was so strangely bittersweet! I found myself standing there selecting leotards and tights for my sweet little princess, wondering how in the world it's possible that she's actually old enough for this! I know she is, but it's just so hard to believe. While we were out we also selected some comfy new gym shorts and t-shirts for Dylan...and of course, as soon as we got home, I made them try them on! Dylan looked sooo cute in his new clothes, and Caitlyn was absolutely gorgeous. Who knew that a few flimsy bits of fabric adorning her baby girl could reduce a mother to tears?

We spent the rest of the day just relaxing, playing in the yard, and working a bit in the garden. After getting Dylan and Caitlyn to bed with relative ease, Darren and I had the wonderful opportunity of spending some time alone with Meghan, who, for some reason, just would not go to sleep! She is such a funny little girl, and when she has us all to herself, her personality really shines! Darren and I were laughing so hard at her silly antics (which I know did not help the matter of trying to get her to sleep, but really, we just couldn't help it!) She is just so hilarious. In some ways she reminds us a lot of Dylan at that age, which, for some reason, makes me so incredibly happy. Watching her last night was like catching a fleeting glimpse of the Dylan of yesteryear, and I was glad for the brief moment of clarity. It seems like just yesterday he was that small, and yet, I can't imagine Meghan ever being as big as Dylan is now! It really reminded me to just savor each little moment now, because we'll never get them back. My babies are growing up! And I'm so happy to be there right along with them, enjoying ordinary days which are so extraordinarily blessed.


Crafty Mom said...

I hope your kids find as much love in those two sports as mine have. I am constantly amazed by my daughter and son's athletic abilities. They are truly God-given talents. I also love that I am able to give them a classroom atmosphere while homeschooling. It convinces me that if I ever needed to send them to school, they could handle it beautifully.

Caitlyn is a doll. So pretty with the bun!

Celeste said...

I loved everything you said. I like how you said the outing was so "us." I was reminded at the conference I went to not to compare your homeschooling life to other families. So just remember that about being "us." Have a very "us" homeschool.

Beautiful photos dear one. Brian wants you to make them "clickable" so he can make them his background. :))

Much love and I can't wait to see photos form gym and dance. Nicole starts here gym/dance combo class Tuesday evening.

Blair said...

Looks like fun! Mary Clare starts her tap/ballet class on Tuesday afternoon, so we'll be headed out to find a leotard and tights tonight :) Hope it's a fun year for our little ballerinas!

Jane Ramsey said...

What an awesome day! And they both look totally adorable in their new outfits. What memories that brings back of my "ballet days!". I loved it, but I HATED wearing tights ;-)

mom-in-training said...

I love reading your posts... I almost feel like I'm there enjoying the experience with you - and it makes me want to go out and enjoy the outdoors with my own family... if it just wasn't so hot. ;) I love the pictures of Dylan and Caitlyn. They look so proud of their new attire! What fun they will have in their new classes!!!