Saturday, August 18, 2007

"Butterfly Boy" blowing bubbles

While I attended a required education course this morning at the hospital, Darren and the kids enjoyed a lovely time at a "Butterfly Flutterby" field day held at a nearby nature park. Upon my return home this afternoon, I learned that they made butterfly hats and puppets, played butterfly quiz games, planted butterfly-friendly flower seeds, and, best of all...received butterfly face paintings. We are all so happy to have Daddy back home! (Unfortunately, I will be spending most of tomorrow at the hospital again, for the conclusion of the two-day course. Prayers that I actually pass the final certification test would be greatly appreciated!)


Margaret in Minnesota said...

What a great photo! On the one hand, you were probably a little sad that you missed out on the fun, but on the other, the teacher/mom in you is thinking, "Look how happy & stimulated my kids are!"

You've got my prayers for that certification test, Melissa. Keep us posted. (Ha.)

Anonymous said...

Great photo!