Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Joy in Today

We're on day four here of Darren being gone, and I, for one, am beginning to feel more than a little anxious for his return on Friday. The kids and I have been having a swell enough time--we've been to the mall, to the science museum, to Mass together for the first time ever without Daddy last Sunday, to visit my grandma on her birthday--and they are all being exceptionally well behaved and the very best company for poor little lonely me. But it just seems that when he's not here, everything I do is merely an act of passing time until he's home again. Household tasks usually undertaken with a cheerful heart are just meaningless motions when he's not here to participate. I brew coffee in the morning but there's no one here to share it. I get the kids to bed on time but the rest of the evening is much too quiet. I cook home made dinners but most of the food is put back into the fridge at the end of the meal. I miss him. And, for perhaps the first time since she moved away two months ago, I am acutely missing my mom. Late yesterday afternoon I was nearly overwhelmed by the strange realization that I could feel so "homesick" without even leaving my house.

But enough of that. I really am looking forward to enjoying a happy day with my kids. They just woke up a little bit ago, and I heard Dylan say to Caitlyn, "Guess what, Cait! Today is Mary's day!" So sweet! (Last night when I tucked them into bed, I talked with them a little about what a special day today was going to be.) I've printed out some coloring pages for them to work on this morning, and we'll be braving--I mean attending!--the noon Mass alone again today. (Twice in one week! I just might become an old pro at this!) Tonight for dessert we're treating ourselves to the Marian Sundaes featured in the "Feasts, Traditions...and Fun" section of the July/August issue of Faith & Family. (Vanilla ice cream for Mary's purity, blueberries for Mary's blue mantle of prayer that protects us, and whipped topping for the clouds of heaven into which Mary was assumed.) Dylan just came in and asked me if we could have a special "Mary-ish" breakfast, so I better go see what I can come up with!


Jennifer said...

Thanks for the coloring page links. My daughter will be so excited.

He who wears the most black wins. said...

I love the sundaes and the coloring pages!!

Just stay busy and Darren will be home before you know it! ( That's what I always try to tell myself when Steve has to go away for business, hoping it works. :))

Thank you for your beautiful comments on my blog. You are really one of my very best friends, Melissa. If you're ever in central Washington....

Jill said...

I thought those sundaes sounded like a good idea when I read last month's Faith and Family, too! I didn't get my act together, though, so enjoy some for us!!

Paul has traveled a lot this summer. Before I was married I used to say to people, "I hope I marry someone who travels a lot. Then I can have my own space and have the house to myself for awhile." What?! Yes, I'm independent at times. But, I do take those words back. I can relate to all of your feelings of passing time. And cooking! It's not half as much fun without a hungry husband. :)

Celeste said...

Thanks for the links! I sure wish we could have done the sundaes too, but going to Mass was enough of an outing for this Mama today.

I hope you continue to not just survive while Darren is gone. I know how you feel. Brian does not travel much, but when he does I can so relate to just doing the normal daily things to pass time until he returns. I know how easy it is to miss those husbands.

I have been meaning to email you for a nice long chat! Soon, I promise. Much love dear friend. I think of you often.

Happy Feast Day!

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a great day!