Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Wedding

I feel that I've been terribly remiss in not posting sooner about my mom's wedding. But, in addition to having just been through one of the busiest weeks of my summer, I think it's taken me this long to simply process the enormity of the event! In a word, I'd just have to describe it as "Fairytale". Everything about it was just story book perfect, from the exquisite detail of her gown to the sumptuous setting of the ceremony.

Despite having spent the entire morning with my mom, helping her dress and ready herself for the momentous occasion, riding with her in the limousine, and waiting nervously together for the ceremony to begin, I was in no way prepared for the sight of her finally walking down the aisle to greet her husband-to-be. She was absolutely gorgeous, radiant. I'm pretty sure I heard the groom utter a single stunned syllable: "Wow".


I was never more thankful for smudge proof mascara as I was at that moment!

It was such an honor to witness their solemn exchange of vows. Having been together for six years prior to their marriage, I didn't really anticipate how fundamentally different their relationship would immediately seem to me. But hearing them pledge their faithful love to each other, seeing their joy at being pronounced "husband and wife", reminded me once again of the sanctity of the marriage union and renewed in my own heart the same promises I made to Darren over eight years ago on our wedding day. I pray that they will always be as richly blessed as we have been in our marriage.

My mom, my brothers, and me:

And my handsome husband, my rock and constant
in this ever changing world:


Matilda said...

The apple didn't fall far from that tree. You are lovely and your dress...very romantic!

Mom to Four said...

Fairy Tale indeed! I am so glad you posted about the event. What a beautiful occasion. I know you had a wonderful time! You look beautiful! I love the dress. I have always wanted a fancy dress like that! Wonderful photos. Thanks so much for sharing with us all!

Much love

diana said...

Ummm, which is the mom and which is the daughter? You are both fantastically beautiful! What great pictures!

ascozyasspring said...

It looks like such a happy day. Your mom is gorgeous - as are you.