Friday, June 01, 2007

The Rainbow Collection

Okay, so that's a completely irreverent play on the title "The Rainbow Connection", one of my favorite songs, made famous by Kermit the Frog in "The Muppet Movie", but one I nonetheless thought suitable for this post. Yesterday afternoon, while transferring a few (or twenty or thirty) images from my camera to the computer, I noticed something really cool. "Hey, guys, come look at this!" I called to the kids. As they crowded together around the computer, I pointed out my discovery. "See? We have pictures of flowers from our gardens here in every color of the rainbow! Aren't they beautiful?" Here are just a few of my favorites, beginning and ending with white because I just can't bear to omit these pristine blooms:

White: Lilies, finally opening along our front walk.

Red: Yarrow, a brilliant explosion of color at the front of our flower bed.

Orange: Lantana, a sunny surprise spreading in and around a significant portion of Darren's cactus garden.

Yellow: Lemon Queen Sunflower, one of several varieties planted by Dylan.

Green: Poppy flower bud, which my kids think are hysterical. (But if I wasn't so polite, I'd admit that I think they look rather obscene.) Fascinating, they are.

Blue: Bachelor's Button, one of my favorites not only because it is blue (my favorite color), but also because I find it's irregular edges quite striking.

Purple: Penstemon, currently dominating the front left corner of our flower bed.

And finally, a white Shasta Daisy. I can't count the number of times I sneak out during the day just to steal a quick peek at the serene faces of these unassuming beauties. They calm me, instantly.


Suzanne Temple said...

Beautiful rainbow!

mom-in-training said...

So lovely! Just looking at your rainbow of flowers makes me want to plant more variety in my own flowerbeds. Mine mostly consist of reds and pinks, as most of the color comes from my begonias, which I've had the most luck with from year to year. I used to have more color, but most of what I'd plant just didn't last. I may have to try again, because your flowers are just gorgeous!

Mom to Four said...

You have got a knack for growing and a knack for photographing!

What a joy-filled garden you have!

Anonymous said...

What lovely flowers..thanks for sharing them..

Kristen Laurence said...

Beeyouuteeefulll! (Okay, I must be tired!) They're truly breathtaking! How I dream of a garden like yours!

diana said...

Gorgeous!I especially love the lantana and penstamon.