Saturday, June 30, 2007


Well, drat. Seems my moonrise was a bust. So were the popcorn and s'mores, too, for that matter. No flickering flames graced our fire pit tonight, either. Wouldn't it just figure that a heavy cloud cover would obscure the entire show? Oh, well. On the upside, we did get to witness a spectacular sunset.

And the cutest little hummingbird perched sweetly on a bush just beyond our wall long enough for me to snap a couple of pictures.

And... we identified yet another butterfly while out playing in the yard this evening! It was one I'd not yet seen before, but tonight there were several hanging around the Oregano (along with numerous honeybees).

They were so mild mannered, hopping happily onto flowers that Dylan held out to them. So cute! (Darren helped me identify them as Gray Hairstreaks.)

And guess what? The kids' bunk beds were delivered today! We spent this afternoon and evening assembling them and now, Dylan and Caitlyn are both tucked happily into the bottom bunk. I think they'll sleep that way for a while, at least until the end of this year, at which point I plan to move Meghan from the crib to the full size bottom with Caitlyn. She'll be two in December...old enough, I think, to share a bed with her big sister. And Dylan will be six in September, so I think that by then I'll feel better about him sleeping up on top. (Plus, I'm hoping that it won't be far into the new year before we'll be needing the crib for another baby! But no, this is not an announcement of any kind. I wish. I'm just saying...)

I'll try to post pictures of their new room tomorrow. It's looking so cute! Tonight, however, we had no sooner finished putting all the bedding in place when they, totally of their own accord, turned it right back down and crawled under the sheets. They were asleep within minutes! I guess it's been a long day. Fun, but long!


Jill said...

I love hearing about how other people shuffle around kids and beds and sleeping arrangements. With the new baby coming I am always scheming about how to fit everyone into rooms. We were thinking of giving up our room for the three boys, but bunk beds might be a better option...
It's a great problem to have!

I, too, am praying you will need another crib next year. :)

Love the photos as always!

Mom to Four said...

Looking forward to photos of the room and beds!

Anonymous said...

Our 2 boys got their own room for the first time. They are 8 & 10 & had been sharing with their sisters. they are so excited but i know they're a little sad too! Growing up is a little painful...