Saturday, May 19, 2007

Smiling through the tears

Considering the fact that I spent most of Thursday either crying or on the verge of tears (and by crying I mean hiding in the bathroom with the faucet running so the kids wouldn't hear my sobs), I find it incredible that the two days since then have been so delightful. Yesterday morning I awoke to the sound of hushed voices talking animatedly in the living room, and then, a few minutes later, Dylan tiptoeing into the bedroom and creeping over to my side of the bed to see if I was awake. When he saw that I was, he announced with great glee, "Mommy, look! Daddy plucked some mint leaves for each of us from the garden and smell how delicious they smell!" Smiling, I inhaled the ambrosial fragrance of the leaves he held so invitingly in his small hand, and hugged my boy briefly before he was dashing back out of the room. Stretching, I lingered just a little longer before getting up and getting ready, and then, since it was Darren's day off, (have I mentioned I just love his new schedule?!), we decided to take the kids for a drive to show them Daddy's new job. We had taken them out to the museum before, but it's been a while, and so I, too, was really looking forward to seeing it again. We had such a great time! I still can't believe that this is Darren's job now. It sounds so fun, and he is loving it so much, that it hardly seems right to call it "work"! The kids really enjoyed Missile Park (for which Darren is now responsible!), and after strolling through, we toured the museum and Darren's new (very big!) office.Since it was past lunchtime when we finally finished at the museum, we treated ourselves to hot dogs and french fries before heading to the park, a destination we had promised as a reward for good behavior. It was a beautiful day, perfect for our outing, and Meghan was mesmerized with the dandelions she would daintily pick and then carefully bring to us. Dylan, our fearless explorer, was absolutely thrilled to find what he declared to be "perfect climbing trees!", and Caitlyn, pretty in her sundress, was lifted gently into the branches to join the fun.

My view from the slide...a picture of serenity:
We took our time on the drive back into town, stopping to photograph some wildflowers and thereby prolonging the joy of the journey. (I'm thinking of posting those pictures tomorrow, along with several others I took this afternoon in our garden. I'd include them now, but I'm afraid there are so many they require an entire entry of their own!)

Today, too, was filled with many pleasant surprises: the offer from my mom to keep the Josh Groban CD I've been borrowing for the past week, an impromptu invitation from my younger brother to join him at Chuck E. Cheese's for lunch, a Tomie dePaola book found at a yard sale for ten cents, lots of time spent outside playing in the yard this evening, and a delightful movie enjoyed with a big bowl of chocolate ice cream!

If I'm not happy yet, I'm getting there...and enjoying every step along the way.


Kristen Laurence said...

That is such a sweet picture of Meghan picking dandelions!

Margaret in Minnesota said...

Melissa, I think that you & I are similarly "angst-y." :) What's with these tears that come so unbidden and unwanted? As Jamie said in her comment to my tear-streaked post yesterday, "God sure made us emotional!"

What my husband said to me in the thick and the thin of it is that our strong emotions show that we're not dead. I laughed, but he wasn't kidding. He said that many people go through life just going through the motions--in effect, they're dead--but that my strong feelings are a reflection of the fact that I care so much.

Of course, caring so much means getting upset sometimes. God in his goodness permits this suffering, and then, as your beautiful photos attest, He pulls us back up toward Him all the wiser! (Because, of course, our suffering is part of our growth.)

Can you tell you I've just made my Holy Hour? :) Have a beautiful day, Melissa! Let's keep each other in our prayers.

Michelle said...

The times that I have felt closest to God have been the times when I felt I was desperately clinging to him to every small shred of sanity and hope that I could muster. Sadly, the better my life has been, the harder it is for me to turn to Him with that same attitude of trust and love.

Praying for peace for you.

Jill said...

I love how you are focusing on all of the wonderful things in your life- and all of your pictures and words are a testament to the many blessings you have.
But, feel free to let those tears flow. I remember those times all too well. I would be fine and then down would come the rain.
We're hear for your smiles and your tears.

Mom to Four said...

We watched Music and Lyrics and enjoyed it so much! Lots of fun!