Thursday, May 10, 2007

On the mend

Darren and I knew that Meghan had finally turned a corner last night when, instead of going to sleep as usual, all she wanted to do was play...and play...and play! She had been so sick, though, that really, it was quite cute! (We indulged her for a while, but were soon wishing for sleep. This has been such an exhausting week!) And this morning, she has been following the kids around begging for bites of their breakfast, so I know she really must be feeling better! But because I am not yet absolutely certain that this morning will not see copious amounts of bodily fluids making their great escape, she was granted a mere slice of bread and sippy cup of flavored Pedialyte. Baby steps! Hopefully by lunchtime she'll have earned herself a real meal.

And I have enlisted the help of my older kids to get our home back into order. Yikes! This is one scary place. Dust bunnies are threatening to command control of the entire house and the unseen germs that I fear must be lingering on every single surface are a force of their own that, while unpleasant, must be reckoned with. I'm sticking some CD's into the player and we are going to get cleaning! I actually can't wait.

We've got company coming this weekend. My dad and younger brother will both be graduating this Saturday and we are so excited! It's been a long time coming, but they have both done exceptionally well and we are just so proud of them. On Sunday we're planning a picnic breakfast with my mom and my older brother's family at White Sands. I used to love going there with my cousins when I was a kid and I am so thrilled that now my own kids will have the opportunity to play there with their cousins!

Finally, just one quick bit about my new layout. When I first began this blog last June, I really, really liked the classic look of my old brown template. Lately, though, I've been feeling in need of a change, and since I'm not so bold as to go out and do something really drastic (say, a new hairstyle, for instance, which I'd really, really love to do!) I thought I'd just make a few simple changes to my blog. Those few simple changes led to a whole new layout, but I have to say, I am absolutely loving the new look! My banner just makes me so happy. I mean, this is us. You might recall that back in December, I helped my kids assemble a wreath using foam gingerbread cutouts of our family, and while browsing through my pictures a few nights ago it occurred to me that this particular photo could make a really cute banner! I'm so pleased with how it turned out. The rest of my layout--colors, side bar, fonts--are still rather a work in progress, so if you check back often enough, you just might find that more has changed. But I'm glad I made the switch. Now, if I could just work up the courage to change my hair...


Jill said...

Glad to hear Meghan has turned a corner. Those stomach flus attack quickly but seem to go away with the same speed. Especially in our resilient little ones!
Enjoy White Sands. I did my student teaching in El Paso, Texas back in college. We took a little excusion one weekend to White Sands and thought it was such fun. I love how all of the pictures you take come back looking like you were trekking through giant mountains of snow!

Mom to Four said...

I love the new look! I tried the photo in the header thing the other night and it was WAY too big!!!!! I am not as good at it as you are! You have the right touch.

Glad Meghan is much better. That is so rough!

Margaret in Minnesota said...

I love the new banner.

erin said...

Hey , Liss! I'm graduating too. I could cry I am so scared. /=

But YAY for Rob and yer pa. Is this Rob's second degree? What the F man. (=

I gots to come by some time. When I get my new worl schedule, I will try to schedule a visit. I still have some sticker books and a balloon animal kit that I got fer them thar kids-o-yers. The balloon animal I thought would be a family activity time sort of thing since they're all too young for messing with that on their own, aren't they?

Hope to see you soon. Love you. Er