Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Moments like these

When Darren and I redecorated our girls bedroom last summer, we thought it would be sweet for them to have a nice, comfortable little reading nook where they could hide away and enjoy all of their own little books, so we tucked a small book shelf into the corner at the end of Meghan's crib and placed Dylan's big, snugly stuffed cow down on the floor in front of it. This little space has really served us well, and it's one of Meghan's favorite spots in the whole house. It's where we also keep our collection of simple wooden puzzles, and we often find both of our girls playing down there together, with books and puzzles strewn all about.

Last night, while Darren and I were working together on the computer in our bedroom, I could hear all of the kids playing down the hall in Caitlyn and Meghan's room, and since they sounded happy, I never got up to check on them until after Darren and I had completed all the insurance forms we had been filling out. I headed down the hall, but, not wanting to disrupt their happy chatter, I merely peeked into the room, and I nearly cried at the sight that met my eyes:

Dylan and Caitlyn were snuggled together down there in the corner, and he was reading to her! Entire books, with characters she loves! Caitlyn was enjoying tremendously the undivided attention of her doting big brother, and Meghan was happily toddling about the room, playing with her toys and stopping once in a while to rest and listen, too. Standing there in the doorway, I was just overwhelmed with love by the sweetness of these small siblings. Although I may not always see the rewards of our efforts in the day to day, hour by hour, busyness of life, I know that there will always be moments like these, brief glimpses into the true heart and spirit of this family, wordlessly affirming the work that we do every day as parents. And moments like these are all the reward I will ever need.


He who wears the most black wins. said...

So true. So beautiful.

Mom to Four said...

Absolutley wonderful! Again! I read this and saw the pictures and in light of your recent thoughts, all I thought was "THIS is homeschool!"