Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Great timing

December was a busy month!

So I hope you'll understand when I confess that somehow, we overlooked Meghan's one year check-up.

By the time we thought to call the pediatrician's office in January, we were politely informed by the receptionist that the next available opening would be at 8:45 on February 14th. Would we like to make an appointment? I was dubious (what kind of mother takes her child to get shots on Valentine's Day?!) but seeing as how she'd already be nearing fourteen months old, I went ahead and took the appointment. And I've been feeling guilty ever since (it's Valentine's Day!)....that is, until the early hours of this morning, which were spent holding Meghan in the recliner in our bedroom, rubbing her back as she dozed intermittently between fits of horrible, strangling coughing. She's covered in spit up. I'm covered in spit up. But still, I let her sleep just a little bit longer before waking her for a bath.

And I am ever thankful that she so conveniently has a doctor appointment already lined up first thing this morning. (Sometimes procrastination really does pay off!)


Crafty Mom said...

Hope everything turns out fine with your little princess. And you get to hear the words every mother just loves, "It's just a virus."

I do love those doctor's appointments that just happen to work out though. Nick began a horrible ear infection the night before his 2 year old checkup. I like to consider those times a two for the price of one checkup.

misty said...

Oh no, poor little girl. And poor mommy. Nothing says love quite like spit up! :) Hope she feels better soon.

erin said...


Blair said...

I hope she's okay! Praying for little Meghan!

Jill said...

Get well, sweet Meghan.
These are the not-so-fun moments of motherhood, but a great chance to be in the 'trenches' serving God through our sick children.

Mom to Almost Four said...

Get well. Happy Valentine's Day. Let us know how she is!