Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Living and Learning

One thing I really love about teaching Dylan at home is the unique opportunity I have, every day, to see exactly how his little mind works. One such priceless moment presented itself just a little while ago, as I was sitting at the table watching him practice his letters in one of his favorite workbooks. The accompanying rhyme for the letter "N" read:

N was a narwhal
Whose tooth did not gleam;
He went to the dentist
Who polished it clean.

"Hmmmm," I said to him. "I've never heard of a narwhal before...have you?"

"No!" he replied. "Maybe it's a brand new animal that God just made!"

What a great answer!

(But because we really were curious, we searched online and found this fascinating page about narwhals. Mommy learned something new today, too!)


Mom to Almost Four said...

That truly is one of the most wonderful benefits. I hate to think that if they were at school all day, these thoughts either wouldn't get voiced or I would miss them. And yes, we really do love to learn together. We recently finished reading aloud My Father's Dragon (great story - must read) and the couple of nights Brian had read to them, it killed me not knowing what had happened.

Enjoy it all!

Theresa said...

"Maybe it's a brand new animal that God just made!"

What sweet answer! I love learninga alongside my children. What a blessing to be able to teach our children at home.