Thursday, February 22, 2007

Peer Pressure

As I was readying myself for Mass late yesterday afternoon, I could hear Dylan and Caitlyn in the next room, engaged in a rather spirited conversation regarding school:

: I just love school! I can't WAIT to go to school!

: Well, Caitlyn, I DON'T like school. And if I stay home and home school, then YOU have to stay home and home school, too.

: Well, I like school...

: Well, I don't! So you're going to have to stay home and home school with me!

Neither of them has actually ever been to school in the traditional sense, but clearly, they are developing strong opinions on the matter! And to tell the truth, my resolve to home school has actually been wavering in recent weeks. So, to hear the determination in Dylan's voice was actually quite a relief to me! (Although I'm not too sure where this leaves Caitlyn. Thankfully, we've got a few more years to work that out!)


Crafty Mom said...

Rest assured, you are not the only one in debate. My quite outgoing 5 year old insists that school is not for her and she does not want to go. I have homeschooled her in kindergarten this year, and intend to continue homeschooling in 1st grade next year.

But I am also thinking I will send her to kindergarten at the local public school since it is only for a little over 2 hours a day, as a test.

That way we can make decisions about homeschooling after actually testing out traditional school in a limited fashion. No one can make me send her if I change my mind or she doesn't like it. So I figure my options are always open ended. It is such a hard decision. It makes me feel better to hear others having the same thoughts.

Mom of boys said...

Every year, about this time, I have the same doubts. I start to plan another year homeschooling, but then I wonder if I am doing them a disservice somehow. I especially wonder if my 4 year old, being slightly introverted around others, should be in a more social setting.

Then again, maybe he just needs more time home first. I don't want to push him out the door before he is ready. He is also so easy to teach!

He who wears the most black wins. said...

Oh, Melissa, I am so glad I can watch and share in this struggle with you a bit. I had originally planned to homeschool my children after the 6th grade (since there is a wonderful Catholic school right here that I feel we need to support) but now we are having some "teacher issues" at the school and, unless they are resolved in a rather timely fashion, I think I'll have to re-think my plan a bit!

This is such a hard decision, isn't it?! Well, at least for me it is.

Mom to Almost Four said...

I fourth the motion!

I have wanted to homeschool for a long time and so the decision for me is not so much whether or not I should homeschool. The question for me is more "Am I making all the right choices for their home education?" AND "How am I possibly going to homeschool more than just Jacob?????????"

But you know I am reminded weekly, if not almost daily that this is right for us so far. I am delighted to see how they learn and grow. We can only make the best decision we know how with God's help through prayer. I think God often has much more confidence in us than we have in ourselves.

Also remember to take it one year at a time, one month at a time, one day at a time. Do not think too far ahead, though it is easy to do that. And remember, it is only Kindergarten next year - it will not make or break him. It is a great year to start out with.

I think you will love it and I will pray for surety in your decision.

Blair said...

Another planning-to-homeschool mom chiming in...who has a 4 year-old daughter who would love to go to school! Not to mention me being a "retired" teacher who loves school and the classroom. We'll take one day, one year at a time too and try to always discern what's best for our family. A veteran homeschooler of ~7 kids told me tonight, "I'm the mom, they are the children. I make the decisions that I think are right for our family." Another important thing for me to remember! It's so hard! But at least your firstborn loves homeschooling, that's so encouraging!