Monday, December 18, 2006

It's a Party!

Did I mention how thrilled I was when Darren found my much sought after Strawberry Shortcake party supplies?

For months, when imagining Meghan's first birtday party, I knew it would just have to be Strawberry Shortcake. Meghan has the most beautiful red highlights when the sun catches her hair in just the right way, so the cute, loveable little red haired character I so fondly remember from my own childhood seemed to be the perfect choice for celebrating the first birthday of our own little sweetheart.

(I was so touched when Dylan and Caitlyn took it upon themselves to rummage through all of Caitlyn's toy storage drawers to find these, the little Strawberry Shortcake figures I used to play with when I was a little girl, which they lined up as "decorations" on the dining room table.)

Meghan had a great time opening her gifts! She stands so well on her own (and is even walking a little bit!) so it was really fun to watch her tear into all the tissue and wrapping paper. (And just think--on Christmas we'll get to do this all over again!)

For her birthday cake, I guessed it! Strawberry shortcake! Not very traditional, I know, but perfect, I thought, for this very special party!

Unfortunately, it was nearing nap time by the time we were ready for cake, so Meghan wasn't very interested in trying any. She more than made up for it, though, when we gave her some for breakfast the next morning...on her real birthday!

Meghan's birthday weekend could not have been better. We all had such a great time celebrating our precious baby's first year!


Barite said...

That looks great Liss, thanks for putting it up. Sure was a great weekend wasn't it?!!?!


mom-in-training said...

This is just a little late, but HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY, MEGHAN!!! What a cutie you are and it looks like you had so much fun at your Strawberry Shortcake birthday party! Everything looked lovely and I think your strawberry shortcake birthday cake was just perfect and looked so yummy in those photos!!!

Kristen Laurence said...

So, so sweet. And that strawberry shortcake is beautiful!

erin said...

i am so bummed i missed it.

Mom to Almost Four said...

That strawberry shortcake looks absolutely delicious! How neat too that you still have your strawberry shortcake figures.

Job well done!

He who wears the most black wins. said...

Well done, indeed!! I wished I were there!

Happy Birthday, sweet Meghan.