Saturday, April 02, 2011


I never imagined that puppies (of all things!) would bring me back to blogging, but I tried e-mailing this video to my mom and the file was too big.  So, I'm posting it here because it's the only other way I can think of for her to  see it.  She's not on facebook and besides, I gave it up for Lent.  ;)

Meet Bailey and Janie, the two newest members of our family!   


Shannon said...

oh my gosh.... SO CUTE!! I love your girls' squeals!

Charlotte (Waltzing Matilda) said...

Very cute! Your kids have grown so much! What kind of dogs are they?

Melissa said...

Thanks, ladies! Shannon, I think the squeals are my favorite part of the whole video. :)

Charlotte, we chose these sweet puppies from a litter of strays that had come into the animal shelter. They were calling them Shepherd mix, but really don't know what that mix might be!

Charlotte (Waltzing Matilda) said...

Good for you! I think rescued dogs are the best. I asked about the breed because I know my daughters will ask when I show them your video.