Wednesday, November 03, 2010

More about Picasa Web Albums

Charlotte asked a good question and, since others might not know about these Picasa albums, either (I didn't until last night!) I thought I'd try to explain it a little better here (as well as I'm able!). I checked and I don't see anything in the new editor that shows how much photo storage has been used, so if you're using the new editor, you'll first want to click "Settings", scroll down to the bottom, and select "Old Editor". If you're already using the old editor, this is the box you'll see when you click the "Add Image" button in a blog post:

I've added a big red arrow next to where it says, "You are currently using xxxMB (xx%) of your 1024MB". There's an orange question mark next to it and if you click it, you should reach a page that will explain a little more about the Picasa Web Albums (with a link to them, too). From what I understand, these Blogger albums are not viewable to the public unless you choose to make them so. From the side bar of my album page: "Blogger albums are unlisted by default. You can make these albums public and searchable to the entire Google Photos community as well as Google Search for Images." I won't choose to make mine public, and I'm relieved to know that they won't be without my permission! But I was surprised to see how very, very MANY photos were there that I uploaded just as tests (old banners, backgrounds, posts I never published, etc.) I'm sure there are more I can delete, BUT! It states clearly (also in their side bar): NOTE: If you delete an image from the Blogger album here, the image will be removed from your Blogger blog as well, so please delete images with care! Yikes! That scares me. For some reason, I have duplicates of some photos, but I'm afraid that if I delete them I'll lose them here, as well!

Anyway, hope this explanation helped a little bit. I think that from now on I might have to be a little more selective about what photos I post, LOL! I never knew I might actually someday reach a limit! ;)

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Gardenia said...

Hi and blessed Advent. Your post needs to be shouted from the rooftops. I ran out of storage about a month ago. decided to just delete some photos from picasa photo albums. didn't read that little warning. and sure enough photos I deleted from picasa were deleted from my blog posts as well. sigh . . . so I spent a couple weeks, a little here and there, reloading those photos to my posts. and I bought new storage -- some huge amount for $5.00 a year.