Thursday, April 14, 2011

Date Nights*

I had a date with my beautiful Cait tonight—dinner together at Whataburger before heading to our AHG meeting.  :)

Tomorrow will be date night with Dylan.  But, I'm thinking ours will be more along the line of Starbucks and the mall.  A tall, tasty Frappuccino sounds to me like the perfect bribe reward for taking him shopping with me.  (He needs a suit for his First Holy Communion and I'd much rather he try it on in the store rather than taking back several that don't fit, feel, or look right.)

*What?  You didn't actually think I'd be talking about date nights with my husband, did you?  If only I could be so lucky.  I'm totally penning him in on my calendar, though.  I figure sometime around the year, oh, 2014 or so we should be good to go.  ;)

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Sherri said...

She is beautiful and looks SO much like you. Wow!!