Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Welcome, Fall!

From the learning room: Beautiful fall artwork, inspired by these layered fall leaves at Art Projects for Kids. (We didn't have oil pastels, but achieved an equally pleasing look with soft pastels.) Artists, from top to bottom: Caitlyn, Dylan, and Mommy!

From the kitchen: Warm Tasha Tudor Toffee Bars, served on a lovely platter from my Nana, with our charming tea time read aloud. (I saw these posted on Jennifer's blog a few days ago, and knew I'd have to make some! Super easy, I whipped up a batch during lunch prep today! Recipe can be found here.) Delicious!

Around the house: Brand new Apple Cinnamon Glade PlugIns, plugged into just about every available outlet! I love the smell of fall!


Celeste said...

So beautiful! What a lovely celebration of the beginning of fall. I wanted to do something, but I just don't feel fallish yet. It is still warm here and the mosquitos are out and it's raining. But I did remember my parents' anniversary today - yippee for me!

Congratulations on the boy!!!!! Dylan must be thrilled beyond words! I am so excited and happy for you all! I am praying. Keep that baby in there a nice long time - ok?

Love to you all!

Happy first day of fall!

Shannon said...

Yes, I'm with Celeste... prayers that this baby wants to cook for a LONG time!

Also, you and your kiddos are just GREAT artists. Really beautiful.
What talent!

Jennifer said...

Beautiful artwork - and aren't those bars so yummy? :)