Thursday, September 10, 2009

Back to School!

We started back to school yesterday and it was wonderful! Our morning began with a yummy breakfast of monkey bread, fresh strawberries, and some delicious hot cocoa. We had hoped to make it to Mass at 8:15 (the children at our parish school have Mass every Wednesday morning), but unfortunately, Darren's truck had a flat tire so he ended up taking the van to work. To be honest, though, some of my children overslept and we actually weren't even sitting down to eat until after 8:15! So, obviously that plan never would have worked even if we HAD the van, but Wednesday morning Mass is definitely a goal I want to strive for in the future!

I couldn't wait to get them all dressed and ready for school! We're trying something a little different this year with the implementation of school uniforms. They are something Darren and I had been considering for a while, thinking that they might help put us in more of a mind set to "do school", and I had even browsed around online at a few retailers. I found one site that had some darling little jumpers, but decided to wait for just a bit more while we thought about if for just a little longer. The very next day, though, I had to make a quick stop in Goodwill and happened to find two of the exact jumpers--in Caitlyn's size!--that I had been looking at online! And a shirt to match, too! I tend to view finds like these as a sign, and snatched them right up for $3.75 a piece. :) I had been thinking of any combination of navy and dark green, so these work perfectly! Dylan already had a brand new pair of khaki pants that were still a little too big last year but which fit him perfectly this year, as well as polo shirts in both navy blue and forest green, so he was set. And Caitlyn's new jumpers, combined with two navy/green plaid skirts and white tops she already had, complete her school wardrobe! I'm not really worrying too much about the two littlest girls, although I have to say that I was just giddy to find the most darling little dress for Meghan during that same trip to, navy, and white plaid, with little apples adorning the collar and smocked top! Too, too cute!

Dylan, a big second grader!

Caitlyn, our sweet Kindergartner!

Meggie, ready for preschool!

Kristen, our merry mischief maker :)

Everybody was excited to start lessons after morning prayers! I had them start with another "Book About Me" with the same questions as last year so we could compare how their answers change from year to year. They really loved these! They also loved their boxes of brand new school supplies. :) Meghan was so happy to be doing school with us this year, and we all really loved working on the state-by-state scrapbook we'll be making this year.

We're looking forward to another fun day today, with homeschool gymnastics this afternoon and Caitlyn's second meeting of American Heritage Girls this evening! Another exciting school year is off to a great start!


Dessi said...

Oh, I am so happy to see you posting again..I have been cheking your blog daily!!! You are a great inspiration to me as mom and wife!!! My son was wondering how is Dylan cartoon going!!! He is a great fan!!!

Dessi said...

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Megan said...

Would you be willing to share the questions you use for the "Book About Me"? I would love to start these with my kiddos!