Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Meggie

Oh, my Meggie. This girl has had more haircuts in the past week than she's ever had in her whole life! And most of them have been her own doing! I've had to hide all our scissors! She cut her own hair once before, but since it had been so long since that isolated incident, I never imagined she'd do it again. Wrong! Lately, though, she hasn't just taken little snips around the sides of her face....oh, no. Actually, it did begin that way, which I managed to even out well enough. But then it got a little shorter right in front, and I had to try and fix that, too. The only thing I could do was give her bangs, which she hasn't had in a long, long time (not since she was a baby) and, apparently, she didn't like them--she decided to cut them off! Yesterday I was too upset and overwhelmed to even attempt another repair, but this morning I figured I had better try again. I started by trying to even out what bangs she had left, and then she and Caitlyn decided that while we were at it, her hair should be shorter all the way around, so I figured, What the heck? Why not?! After a while, she was sitting in a heap of hair, and under the circumstances, I do think she looks pretty cute! I just hope her bangs grow out a little more before it's time for Christmas pictures! :)


Shannon said...

this will be a great, fun story some day!
she's a sweetie!

Michelle said...

Ohh, the joys of little girls! She still looks cute despite. You did a good job fixing it.