Thursday, February 05, 2009

Thoughts on a Thursday.

The funeral for Darren's grandpa was held yesterday afternoon. Sadly, though, we were unable to attend. At a distance some seven hours away, the drive would have simply been too painful for Darren, who is scheduled to have surgery less than a week from today and who is miserable just driving to and from work each day.

I sure hope his grandpa would understand.

Darren's first book signing was also held yesterday at the museum, and as I type this, he is giving a lecture at the university to be followed by another signing. He'll have one more this weekend at our favorite bookstore, which I'm hoping to attend with the children, and there will be one more at Barnes and Noble later in the month. There was an awesome feature story about him and his book in two of our local newspapers, and I'm beginning to feel as though I'm married to a celebrity! I really am so proud of him. All of his profits are being donated to the Historical Foundation, which is raising money for a new museum building, and he has had such a positive response from the community!

I had a friend over for lunch earlier in the week and it was so much fun. I baked bread and cookies that morning (oatmeal raisin!) and we brainstormed scrap booking ideas. She's much more creative than me, and had some really great ideas! I hope to get together with her much more frequently in the future, particularly in the summer when her daughter, who was in school at the time, will be able to join us, too. She's Caitlyn's age and they have such fun together!

Darren and I are currently planning a major adventure. It was really my idea, but he loves me so much that he's willing to go along with it. :) I hope to share more about it at a later date, but for now I'll say that it involves a drive through five states with all four children sometime in May. I can't wait!!!

There's more I'd like to say, but it smells like someone is in need of a diaper change. Thanks for visiting...I needed a break. ;)


Shannon said...

fun post!!

Frances said...

Nice glimpse into your family life right now - thank you. :) I can't wait to hear about your adventure plans. I missed my grandfather's funeral because I had an important cross country race to run that weekend. I know it was okay - I continue to pray for his soul at many, many Masses. And my team went on to place second in the state.

I pray for a successful surgery for Darren and continued publicity for his book. :)