Saturday, February 07, 2009

Friday Fun

I decided a while back that we would not have school on Fridays. With few exceptions, I work every Friday and the stress of worrying about school, getting the laundry caught up before the weekend, tidying the house, and trying to sleep before going to work was just too much. It's much nicer now having our Fridays off! And so, although it's technically now Saturday morning (it still feels like Friday since I've not yet been to bed) I wanted to share with you a bit of the fun we had today.

I was remembering a few nights ago how much my brothers and mom and I used to enjoy a soft pretzel and Orange Julius when we'd visit the mall. It's been years and years now since I've had an Orange Julius (that store is no longer even at the mall) but I thought I could probably whip up a similar concoction in the blender. I found this recipe and it tasted surprisingly close to what I remembered! The children didn't much care for theirs, so there was plenty for me. ;)

I had tried several soft pretzel recipes last year, and even shared a couple of them with Charlotte when she was requesting suggestions during Lent, but this time I tried a new recipe and I have to say that we were all very well pleased with the results. They were very easy to make and Dylan declared them "the best in the Universe"! I was all out of the salt with which I've topped them in the past, but this time the children actually voted for cinnamon sugar pretzels, instead, and I was more than happy to oblige. In fact, I welcomed the opportunity to try out the nifty little sifter I received at Christmas from my thoughtful sister-in-law! I was also glad for the chance to use one of the baking stones Darren found for a steal at a yard sale last year. It worked beautifully!

We so enjoyed our uncommon lunch that we even let Kristen participate, too! I've said before that I'm paranoid about choking (if it was up to me I'd puree all their food until they're, like, five), but I broke off little teeny tiny pieces for Kristen to eat and she was so thrilled to be eating like such a big girl! And I know she really is becoming quite the big girl. I can't believe she'll be one next month!

Happy Saturday, friends! I hope you all have a delightful weekend!


Martha said...

It sounds like you are making the right decision to have Fridays off - that is alleviating some of your stress, I hope. Those pretzels looks yummy! Kristen is so sweet - I can hardly believe she will be a year old next month, either.

Jill said...

Yum Yum Yum!
The treats look great, and that sweet little baby looks mighty yummy too! :)